How can I run test bookings?

Test bookings cannot be paid for using live credit card gateways and will not be given invoice numbers. You will only be able to complete payments for test bookings using offline gateways.

Test bookings do not count against your credits allowance. They do however count against event/ticket/workshop capacities.

Events / Select the event which you want to test

Pro tipIf you have lots of events you may find it easier to filter or search your events first. You can search events by name and location. Partial search terms are accepted, e.g. "Lon" will find all events located in London.

Settings / Event details

Select the "Advanced settings" tab

Tick the checkbox labelled
'Tick to place this event into "test" mode'

Whilst in test mode, any booking you created will be flagged as a test booking and will not count against your credits. You can  filter out test bookings using the search/filter function. You can also purge all test bookings from your database at any time.

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