Which payment processors does EventHQ support

We currently support the following payment processors:

  • Stripe
  • SagePay (both hosted and non-hosted versions)
  • WorldPay
  • BarclayCard ePDQ
  • PayPal Business both Standard and Pro versions
  • Nochex

  • WPM Education  

We add additional payment processors at no cost as customers ask for them, generally within 2 to 4 weeks of the request being made.

Setting up a payment processor within EventHQ is generally as simple as adding the authorisation credentials provided by the payment processor into the appropriate fields within EventHQ. Some processors (e.g. SagePay) have extra steps but the EventHQ interface will walk you through what needs to be done.

Adding a new payment processor to EventHQ

We're using SagePay as an example as it has the most steps to complete the integration. Other payment processors have fewer steps.

Adding a new payment processor to EventHQ

1. SagePay specific - give EventHQ permission to send requests to your SagePay account

In your SagePay admin area, enter the IP address provided to give EventHQ permission to talk to SagePay

2. Enter your authentication credentials

For SagePay this is your Vendor name. For other processors like Stripe this will be an API key. Some processors (E.g. ePDQ) require a username and password. Your processor of choice will guide you as to what credentials are required, or you can just call us and ask!

3. Select which card types you wish to accept

Some cards and American Express in particular incur higher charges, so is not usually activated by default within most payment processors.

4. SagePay specific - select if you wish to use 3D-Secure

3D-Secure gives you lower charges and reduced fraud liability but can cause people to drop out of the payment process, hence it's not activated by default

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