Exporting data to Excel (CSV files)

You can export data to CSV files which open in Excel for more detailed analysis, use at the registration desk, or just for backup purposes. You'll find an export button on the following listing pages:

  • orders
  • payments
  • attendees

Here's where the button is located, in this example we're looking at the orders listing, but the button is in the same location for all the above listing pages.

To export data, simply click the "export" button. The complete set of data in your listing table will be downloaded to your computer as a CSV file. The export will contain not only the records visible on the web page at that moment, but all records listed. If you have performed a search or applied filters, or if you have reordered the data using the table header columns, then this will be respected.

Pro tipTo export only the data you want, first apply a filter or run a search and then click the export button. Only your search results will be exported!

Exporting attendee data has one additional step

When exporting attendee data, EventHQ will ask how much of the attendee data you actually want to export. This is because the full set of attendee data can take a few minutes to process, so if you only want a barebones overview, you can select a much faster, minimal export.

  1. Tick the Include attendee personal information data checkbox to include all answers to your booking form questions in the export
  2. Tick the Include ticket selection data checkbox to include all tickets selected in the export.
  3. If you have workshops in your event and are using the optional workshops functionality, then ticking the Include workshop selection data checkbox will include all workshop selection data in the export.
Exporting attendee data has one additional step

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