Verify your email address with DKIM and SPF keys

Before we use your customer support email address as the 'sent from' email address, we need to verify the domain part of the email address (the part to the right of the '@' symbol). You will need to add extra pieces of information to your domain's DNS records called DKIM and SPF keys. These prove your ownership of the domain.

Once this has been done, it should never have to be done again (hooray!). If you don't want to set up these keys then EventHQ will continue to send emails from our domain. Your attendees will occasionally reply to us intending for their enquiry to go to you in which case we will forward it on.

SPF key

Add the following DNS TXT record to your domain. Note that some DNS software solutions require quotations around the value.

v=spf1 a mx ~all

Note: If SPF is already setup on your domain, simply add to the record ensuring the new text has a space before and after it.

Please see an example below.

v=spf1 a mx ~all

would become

v=spf1 a mx ~all

DKIM key

EventHQ is automatically set up to handle DomainKeys/DKIM for any Sender Domains that you add. Add the following TXT record to the subdomain in your DNS where "" needs to be replaced with the actual domain you are setting up. Also, note that some DNS software solutions require quotations around the value.

The value of the key should be (no line breaks or spaces):


Verify your domain

Allow 24 hours to pass for the DNS changes to propagate and then open a support ticket. We will verify your domain name and then set EventHQ to start ending emails from your domain instead of ours.

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