You can have EventHQ check an order each time a component attendee is created, updated or deleted. These are called automatic discounts.

Automatic discounts are great for driving increased bookings by offering discounts for group bookings such as get a 5% discount for 2 attendees, or 4th attendee is half-price.

Click the events tab to list all events

Click the name of the event to which you wish to add an automatic discount

Pro tipIf you have lots of events you may find it easier to filter or search your events first. You can search events by name and location. Partial search terms are accepted, e.g. "Lon" will find all events located in London.

Settings / Discounts

Create new discount or update an existing discount

Here we're going to create a new 5% discount called GroupBooking which will be applied to all attendees in an order where there are at least 2 attendees in the order for the same event

Enter the discount name, type and value as normal.

Tell EventHQ which tickets are eligible for this discount

Only attendees with one of the selected tickets will be eligible to have this discount applied.

Tell EventHQ this is a quantity discount

Set your quantity discount options

  • The 'tick to apply to all attendees' checkbox must be ticked for the discount to apply to all eligible attendees in the order. If left unticked then the discount will only be applied to the most recently added attendee. This is great for '4th attendee goes half-price' type scenarios
  • The 'tick to have this discount applied automatically' checkbox should be ticked, otherwise attendees will have to remember to manually claim this discount
  • Enter the number of eligible attendees in the cart for this discount to be triggered.  

Save and repeat if required

You can create tiers of group discounts (e.g. 2 attendees get 5% off, 3 attendees get 10% off) and EventHQ will apply the appropriate discount automatically. You cannot have multiple automatic discounts in a single order. However attendees can claim manual discounts in addition to automatic discounts.

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