A collection of useful guides to using EventHQ


Events are at the core of EventHQ. Learn how to add, configure, edit and clone events

10 articles


Search and manage attendee records including edit, delete and transfer operations

5 articles


Orders contain one or more attendees. Search and manage your customers purchases

12 articles

Discounts and promo codes

1 article

General settings

Organisation information, customer contact information, edit timezones and formats

14 articles

EventHQ Apps

Add additional marketing and analytics to your EventHQ account by installing apps

2 articles

Users and permissions

Add/edit/remove staff members from your account and manage user permissions

6 articles


Upload logos, set the look and feel of your public pages, add custom CSS and scripts

9 articles

Payments and checkout

Accept payments online and offline and configure the checkout experience

8 articles


Edit EventHQ email templates. Get notified of new attendees/orders and setup webhooks

12 articles

Pro tips

6 articles


3 articles